Sightlines is equal parts product and idea. The name is inspired by a concept in museum curating: use our natural lines of sight to connect works of art and tell a story in gallery space.

sight•lines /'saɪtˌlaɪns/ noun 1. hypothetical lines from someone's eye to what is seen. 2. a visual axis.


best ios Prize

Awarded by Apple. TreeHacks 2015, Stanford.


BEST Use of Facebook api/parse

Awarded by Facebook. TreeHacks 2015, Stanford.


BEST CS+History Hack

Awarded by Stanford University, History Department. TreeHacks 2015, Stanford.

BEST CS+english hack

Awarded by Stanford University, English Department. TreeHacks 2015, Stanford.

For more information about our time at Stanford, please visit our ChallengePost hack page.

Let's take Sightlines into the future, together.